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We need your help to keep our promise to our tech community and keep membership free for all to enjoy. Our businesses benefit through the camaraderie created at our unique events. It would be an honor to have your organization represented at MATA events.  For a modest fee of $300, your company can play a key role in helping us attract, nurture and promote the technology talent and businesses found right here in the Springfield region. 

Your $300 fee gives you the following benefits:

  • Free admission for you and your employees to all eleven Idea Mashup events for the year, plus formal recognition at each of the events
  • Your company logo on the splash page of our web site (www.matasgf.com) for the entire year
  • Your company logo on a sponsor page of our MATA website for the entire year
  • Your company logo on every email correspondence that goes out for the entire year (at least 50 emails)
  • Recognition through Twitter and Facebook throughout the year

If your company would like to contribute more than $300, please contact Sherry Coker to discuss ways to make your contribution even more valuable. MATA is a 501.c.6 organization; your contribution is not tax deductible.


We’ve been busy doing what we can to create a sense of pride among all who are a part of the technology community. We have big plans for 2016. In addition to continuing our Idea Mashup networking events, we’ve added the following strategic initiatives:

  1. Work with the region’s middle school principals and counselors to speak at Middle School Career Days on the many and varied career opportunities that exist in the technology sector
  2. Offer networking events for high school and college graduates to mix and mingle with technology professionals to promote technology career awareness and mentoring and networking opportunities.
  3. Engage with schools utilizing project-based learning within their curriculum to expose young people to the exciting and lucrative field of technology.


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